Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) - Engineered to perform.

Durable - Washable - Stain Resistant

What gives Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) its elegant edge? Technology. This scientifically advanced, non-woven is composed of fibers so incredibly fine, a single pound would stretch clear around the globe! Because of that exquisite fineness, Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) microfibers produce a soft, sumptuous nap you can "write on" with a fingertip----just like genuine suede. Paradoxically, those same delicate fibers give Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) its remarkable strength and stain resistance. Densely bundled and intertwined, the microfibers create a tough, virtually indestructible fabric that is so incredibly beautiful.

Thanks to a network of microscopic pores, Ultrasuede ® Ambiance (HP) "breathes" beautifully. Air and moisture escape easily, so the fabric stays soft and comfortable to the skin. There's no chilly dampness in cold weather, no itchy-sticky-sweaty discomfort in warm climates----even when your guests are wearing shorts or swimwear.

Kids, Spills, Stains, Wear and Tear---- not exactly the ideal environment for suede. That is unless your choice is Ultrasuede HP®.

Designed to pamper you with the look and feel of high-grade natural suede, animal-friendly Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) goes a step beyond to deliver durability and "livability" you never dreamed possible in a luxury material.

Beauty that defies stains. Everyday stains from red wine to black coffee lift easily with mild detergent and water. Even lipstick and ball-point pen are no special problem since they wipe off with isopropyl alcohol or mild cleaning fluid. The result: you avoid environmentally toxic special treatments---and save a bundle on cleaning too.

Carefree machine washability. "Ringless" spot cleaning. Supple strength that conforms to sensuous shapes. You can't get that from Ultrasuede® imitators--or even from genuine suede. Other upholstery fabrics fade, shrink, stretch or wrinkle. Cushions, pillows and slipcovers can be machine washed on the delicate cycle. Use warm water and a mild detergent (Ivory Snow®, Woolite® etc.) that's free of bluing agents---and no bleach, please. Line or tumble dry on a low temperature setting. There's no ironing required.

Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) keeps its smooth beauty. It resists sagging, stiffening, spotting and mildewing--the hassles of humid climates and "get wet" places. And with Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) , pills and frays aren't the concern they are with woven fabrics. The elegance of suede. The endurance of steel. Not even nature comes this close to perfect.

Durability that suits your lifestyle. Furniture designers applaud Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) for its extra-thick body and ability to conform to sensuous, rounded shapes. Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) is one of the toughest upholstery fabrics available today, In fact, the fabric passes 200,000 double rubs on the Wyzenbeek tester--a laboratory test that simulates the movement of a person in and out of an upholstered chair. This durability level is more than ten times the industry standard for heavy-duty abrasion resistance. The result? Your fine home furnishings stay beautiful longer than with ordinary upholstery fabrics, since shiny armrest and worn seat cushions are practically extinct.

Ultrasuede® Ambiance is one tough beauty, available in 100+ colors. You can choose from a spectacularly broad spectrum of colors that is almost as liberating as a custom color match. And since it's machine washable and remarkably stain resistant, you can indulge in the extra-light colors you'd normally have to forsake for furnishings that see a lot of use.

Ultrasuede® Ambiance's (HP) color-fastness is impressive, too--especially in the light colors so popular near the pool, in outdoor living areas and in light drenched rooms. While other fabrics lose color and strength easily when wet, Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) stays tough and vibrant. There's no need to worry about wet swimwear either, since chlorine and salt water won't leave unsightly marks.

Accent a room--classic or contemporary---with slipcovers, floor cushions, pillows or upholstery created in Ultrasuede® Ambiance (HP) animal prints.

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