Gulf Fabrics carries an extensive line of the more popular marine vinyl's carpet and topping materials for exterior applications. All of the marine materials we stock are treated for mildew and all have ultraviolet protection to provide you with years of service with the proper maintenance.

We also stock a large selection of fabrics suitable for the interior applications for your larger boats, yachts or cruise ship. One of fabrics continuing to gain popularity in the larger boats and yachts is, Ultrasuede, Ambiance, and Ultraleather, Fusion and Shimmer

due to their durability, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance. To find out more about Ultrasuede Ambiance (HP) and Ultraleather; Click Here.

Gulf Fabrics also stocks a complete line of fasteners, bungi (shock) cord, and tools and other accessories needed to professionally complete the job. To see the tools and accessories please go to our tools and supplies page.

The vinyls we carry are manufactured by the leading manufacturers in the industry, Spradling International and Futura Textiles. The topping materials are manufactured by, Herculite, Glen Raven and Marchem (Top Notch)

The following is a listing of the Marine treated vinyls and toppings we carry in stock available for immediate delivery:


Apollo- 4 way stretch


Canyon- 10 Colors

Counterpane-  15 Diamond pillow like embossing

Lunar- 14 colors

Ostrich-13 Colors

Phifertex-Outdoor Furniture

Persuasion-23 Colors

Revolution Marine-82 colors

Silex Silicone

Softside Marine

Soft Touch-20

Vibe- 17 Colors

In addition to the patterns listed above- The majority of our Contract Vinyls are suitable for Marine use. Please refer to our Commercial Site for more information.

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