Vinyl's that are so fabric looking you won't believe your eyes!

Vinyl is now soft, supple and manufactured in an incredible range of patterns, colors and textures. It is not the old and stale looking vinyl of old, but an upholstery fabric that's so appealing it's readily mistaken for a woven fabric or leather. The popularity of contract vinyl fabrics has rapidly caught on with specifiers. Designers are using vinyl fabrics everywhere. Vinyl works in hospitals and medical buildings, in the newest airport lounges, in the smartest uptown office suites and in restaurants worldwide. One cannot find another furniture covering that possesses all the attributes of vinyl. The antimicrobial characteristics, the easy cleanability, the fire retardance, the durability, the abrasion and stain resistance, the color consistency, and the exciting new colors and designer patterns.




Abrasion Resistance and Durability-- vinyl can take the punishment and generally out perform the abrasion resistance and durability of both leather and woven fiber materials. Recent product development, has resulted in softness and textures that has not diminished the tough character of vinyl. So if you want your upholstery to last, Specify vinyl.






Low Flammability-- flame and smoke retardance isn't a matter of project cost, it is virtually a matter of life and death. Commercial vinyls are manufactured to meet or exceed federal, state or local fire codes and perform to end user specifications.








Stain Resistance--if you're looking for spot and stain stopper, it has to be vinyl. Woven natural or synthetic fabrics can't match the stain resistance of vinyl upholstery. Vinyl will not absorb fluids and cleans up fast with out heavy duty stain removers or harsh cleansers.

Cleanability--A soft bristle brush or a sponge with soapy water will get the job done in most cases. Vinyl is impervious to water, and isn't affected by typical spray cleaners. There is no worry about moisture wicking through as with woven materials, or the special cleaners or treatments demanded by leather coverings.

Antimicrobial Characteristics-- is an aspect of vinyl near to the hearts of specificers in the healthcare industries. From doctor's examining tables, to dentists' chairs, to nursing home furniture. The ability to resist growth of bacterial organisms is a growing concern. Many healthcare oriented vinyls are specially treated to permit the use of disinfectants on a regular basis. Diluted bleach or other house cleaning solutions often used in healthcare will harm most woven fabrics, but can easily be used on most contract-quality vinyl's.

The following is a listing of the patterns currently carried in stock and available for immediate delivery. To view each of the patterns please click on the pattern name.


Americana-23 colors


    Apollo-4 way stretch







Carbon Fiber- 13 vibrant colors

Durango with Crypton








 PHOENIX Ostrich - 13 colors







Patriot Plus







SILVERTEX™-----25 exciting color with SILVERGUARD™ providing a natural germ-fighting defense to help safeguard the consumer against odor and stain causing bacteria.







Soft Touch







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