In the automotive sector, Alcantaraź successfully combines elegance with practicality and durability to provide an optimal driving experience






Alcantaraź completes the interior of any automobile with style and grace, underscoring individual lines of each model. It is the material of choice for the most prominent auto manufacturers, lending an exclusive touch to luxury sedans and impetuous coupes.




The automotive industry's interest in this new upholstery has grown rapidly, producing increasing numbers of diverse requests and suggestions from the most prominent auto manufacturers.


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The world of Alcantaraź is a landscape of brilliant colors to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Leading manufacturers the likes of Audi, Honda, Mercedes, Maybach, Seat, Citroën, BMW, Lancia, Volkswagen, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Opel, Land Rover, Renault, Peugeot e Volvo have all come to rely on Alcantaraź's expansive color range to personalize the interiors of their cars.
Thanks to technological advancements, Alcantara is now developing a broad range of highly light resistant colors.

Color Characteristics
Behind to wheel of elegant sedan with a blue interior? King of the road wrapped in red? A driver's choice of the car's interior color can reveal something of his or her personality. For example:

Fire, passion and heat. For many, red represents truly elemental color, born of fire, synonymous with intimacy, vital and dynamic. No vivacious nature could ever resist the siren's call of a red interior.



Elegant, with little emphasis, authoritative, rich in style. This color, linear and serious, presents a discreet and serene image. A classic, distinguished automobile? Gray surely fits the bill.


Tranquil, secure, peaceful, green is the color of Mother Nature, of the leaves and grass, mossy streams and beds of kelp. Nature lovers and those who find solace in rolling hills and wide, open spaces turn to green.


The sky, the sea, the night and breaking dawn... blue is the most immaterial color, an expression of purity. Engines growl as a cross-country rally prepares to cross the desert at night; a key turns in the ignition and somewhere a sedan heads into the bright lights of the urban night. Distinguished and companionable, blue is the perfect partner.



The subtle warm tones of beige are often associated with confidence, sincerity and self-confidence. Browns and beige tones often share long trips with drivers who enjoy pleasant conversation.


This absence of light; in many cultures, black represents darkness and the sinister. For the ancient Egyptians, however, it was synonymous with rebirth. The auto industry sees it as the color of seduction, and a color often baring the soul of a Formula One driver.



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